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Credit Repair Consultation

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Free personalized credit consultation
Free credit report review
Free score evaluation and recommended solutions

How We Do It

We do a general review of your credit reports from the three bureaus with you at no charge to determine the scope of work needed and the fee to charge you. Once we begin, you can expect to see results in as little as 35 to 45 days. We do not stop until your scores improve.

We Keep You Educated About Credit 

We don't just assist you through the entire process; we also provide important credit information. We help you prevent identity theft, including someone stealing your name, address, Social Security number, or credit cards and billing statements and racking up charges.

Saving Money by Repairing Your Credit

We know that the best way to save money is by improving and repairing your credit. The better your credit score, the less life costs. A better credit score will help you get a lower car and home loan, get you refinancing, and approved for the lowest credit card rates. In addition, a better credit score could help get you the job you have always wanted.

Supplement your Credit Repair and further boost your credit score by signing up for a tradeline with our company. It’ll give your credit the quick fix needed to apply for mortgages, auto loans or anything else that you might need a quick credit score boost for!

After repairing negative disputes, building your credit for the future requires a positive record of accounts with better standings than the credit history you previously had. To help guarantee that you’ll be able to build positive credit, we’re offering a service that lets you become an authorized user on a seasoned tradeline -- set up by our company with the intent of giving your credit a substantial quick boost! By piggybacking onto a positive line of credit that has a high limit and satisfactory payments, you can accrue higher credit scores in a short amount of time and utilize it to open positive lines of credit and continue to boost your credit!

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